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Mississippi State University

Showcasing a successful dining services transformation at MSU, this video is for use by Aramark's Higher Ed sales team in sales engagements with other campuses that have outgrown their ability to manage their own food services.

University of Kentucky Dining

Showcasing a successful dining services transformation at UK, this video is for use by Aramark's Higher Ed sales team in sales engagements with other campuses that have outgrown their ability to manage their own food services.

Healthy for Life

Articulating Aramark's corporate promise to foster healthy lifestyles, this video for students on each of the 450+ college campuses whose dining services are provided by Aramark encourages students to make healthy dining options.

Healthy for Life Walking Tour

This presentation for incoming students (and their parents) on the 450+ campuses nationwide on which Aramark manages food services articulates Aramark's commitment to providing healthy dining options.

Happathon Primer

Conceived by enlightened entrepreneur John Havens, Happathon is a novel concept: using technology to increase the unneccessarily limited resource of happiness. For use on the Happathon website and in seminars, this video breaks down this potentially confusing concept and explains it in practical, real-world terms.

Pandora's Box

Starring Joe Mantegna and Frances Fisher, this 15-minute short was produced in order to secure funding from potential investors for producing the full-length feature.


Currently being shopped to investors.

Seiko Sportura Commercial Video

Featuring U.S. Olympian and Seiko brand ambassador Hope Solo, we filmed this commercial against the backdrop of our photo shoot for two ads now appearing in magazines including Women's Health, Self and Marie Claire. For use on television, online and in stores, we produced multiple edits of this video to run at different lengths: :90, :60, :30 at :10 seconds.


Ads are running through the Fall of 2012.

Kay Jewelers In-Store Video Loop

Produced specifically for play on in-store displays during the 2010 holiday shopping season, this video promoting SJC's Steel line of men's jewelry capitalizes on the star value of a number of up-and-coming celebrities, as well as Russell Simmons himself. All footage was shot and produced by Mutant Media on location in NYC, Miami and Dallas during a 5-day shoot.


The video was so well received that it remains on Kay's in-store promotional loop. SJC has transitioned the majority of their retail business from competitor Zales to Kay.

SXSW Promotional Video

Developed to precede their keynote address at the 2010 SXSW Festival in Austin, TX, Watchitoo came to Mutant Media to produce a video demonstration of their product's value to key groups within their audience. The video was shot over two days in NYC with an amateur (yet quite talented) cast.


We weren't there to see it, but the video (and Watchitoo) apparently received a standing ovation from their audience.

Seiko Boutique Launch

To help SEIKO launch a new high-end boutique on Madison Ave NYC, Mutant Media created a video documenting the build, finishing and opening of the store. The video features timelapse and on location clips spanning the agressive 1 month construction project.

McCormick Place Sales Presentation

In making their in-person sales presentation to McCormick Place in Chicago, ARAMARK's Conventions team used this video as an emotive tee-up to their main discussion. Including a wealth of on-location photography and a strong musical score, the video demonstrated ARAMARK's deep knowledge of Chicago's cuisine and lifestyle.

Amtrak Sales Presentation

Similar to the McCormick Place video described above, ARAMARK's pitch team sought Mutant Media's video expertise in creating a meeting-opener for their pitch to Amtrak. The video consists largely of animated still photography and special effects, emotively and inspirationally demonstrating ARAMARK's fit for Amtrak.


ARAMARK won the account.

Corporate Social Responsibility Video

At a time when the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) was still fairly new, ARAMARK's CSR group was already organizing and hosting charitable events across the country. Used as an opening presentation at such volunteer events as well as meetings with prospective event partners, ARAMARK CSR brought Mutant Media in to develop this video.


Volunteerism at ARAMARK continues to rise.

Chefs Council Promotional Video

Givaudan, the world's leading developer of flavors and fragrances, hosted a meeting of the world's greatest chefs in Napa Valley in order to pick their brains and entice them into revealing their secrets. After the weeklong event concluded, Givaudan sought Mutant Media's assistance capitalizing on their new intellectual capital. The resulting video was just one element of a larger promotional package the Givaudan sales team was given for promoting the event to their clients.


The Chefs Council event and the package we created to promote it appear to be wholly unique in the Flavor industry.

2010 Annual Meeting Video

At ARAMARK Education's national meeting in Miami this past year, this video was used to restate key messages of the ARAMARK Education value proposition in an engaging, inspirational way. Footage was shot on location in five districts in Florida, Texas, Chicago and upstate New York. Testimonials were given by employees and clients in their own words, giving the piece an especially authentic and identifiable personality.

2009 Annual Meeting Video


For ARAMARK Education's 2009 Annual Meeting, the Education team wanted to kick off with a meeting that celebrated the opportunities recent legislation changes made possible. This quickly evolved into the idea of creating a Mission: Impossible parody starring key members of the Education team, each involved in scenarios that outlandishly demonstrated the value they present. Filming was done on location in ARAMARK Tower.


The video was such a hit Education called us to do the 2010 Annual Meeting video (see above).

Sportura Commercial

Filmed by their agency in France, Seiko USA retained Mutant Media to revise their :90 second spot starring US Soccer Team captain, Landon Donovan, for use online and as an advertising bumper before videos on major sports sites.


Clickthrough traffic from the videos and related banner advertisements have driven considerable traffic to a website commemorating Seiko's 130th Anniversary.

Goldman Sachs Sales Presentation

Similar to other pitches described above, this video was produced as an emotive introduction to the ARAMARK team's sales pitch to Goldman Sachs. The video blends interviews and footage shot on location in New York and New Jersey, as well as a mix of stock video and photography.