Our employees provide the services and create the environments where students can focus, learn, and flourish. We help our employees to engage and grow in their careers through skills and career development programs and recognition and rewards.

OUR Promise is Aramark K-12 Education's commitment to employees to provide:

  • A clear understanding of their roles
  • Defined expectations and goals from their managers and team members
  • Familiarity with resources that will facilitate learning and growth
  • Recognition for a job well done

Our Job

We want every team member to understand his or her role and how it fits into the larger picture of student and district success. This clarity enables employees to meet their objectives.

Initial Employment Services Include:

  • Recruiting & staffing
  • 100% new employee screening
  • Change management
  • Transition of school district employees

Our Team

We develop diverse team environments that foster respect, transparency, and two-way feedback to create a culture where everyone is an engaged member, continually improving performance and providing the highest level of service.

We Create Engaging Environments By:

  • Employee surveys and focus groups
  • Consistent employee policies and practices
  • Ongoing feedback

Our Growth

Training and development programs enhance skill sets and promote short- and long-term career growth, including leadership opportunities. We seek to create opportunities for employees to learn and grow in their current roles while creating foundations for career growth.

Career Development and Growth Elements Include:

  • Technical training
  • Soft skills training
  • Leadership competency training
  • Performance evaluation & management
  • Coaching/feedback opportunities

Our Pride

We know that employee benefits and recognition are critical to employees -- performance and well-being. Individual and team recognition and rewards for achieving goals, sharing expertise, and other successes reinforce the personal value that every employee brings to their school environment.

Benefits and Recognition Programs Include:

  • Comprehensive benefits
  • Competitive pay
  • Service and recognition awards