Aramark K-12 Education's commitment to nutrition and wellness education is a cornerstone of our K-12 Food Service Program.

The elements of our unique Wellness portfolio work together seamlessly, so your students are excited to participate in the school's meal program; make smart, nutritious food choices; and adopt a healthy lifestyle, including more physical activity. At Aramark, we feel this will translate into improved student performance and a better quality of life as well as a diminished national healthcare burden.

Healthy for Life™ Student Educational Resources

The Aramark K-12 Education Healthy for Life™ comprehensive Nutrition and Wellness education program is designed to help improve the health and academic achievement of our nation's school children.

Elementary Nutrition and Wellness Education

Because the path to a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition starts at an early age, Aramark K-12 Education offers the comprehensive ACE & Friends Nutrition Mascot Program, designed to appeal exclusively to elementary students' desire to make learning fun.

Components of our Elementary Nutrition and Wellness Education include:

  • ACE Monthly Program
    Every month during a designated ACE week, students receive a safety-tested fun gift and a nutrition lesson from ACE: a cartoon mascot who emphasizes the importance of healthy eating and exercise.
  • ACE Live
    The ACE Live Show gives students the opportunity to meet ACE in person, utilizing an engaging creative script.
  • ACE Fan Club
    Since many younger students are now connected to the Internet, we've given ACE his very own Fan Club website at
  • ACE's Gardens
    This school gardening program combines real-life gardening skills with in-classroom teaching curricula and school cafeteria tasting events in which children can sample what they have gardened.
  • Healthy Bites
    This sampling program gives students the opportunity to try new foods that are both tasty and nutritious.
  • Wellness Lesson of the Month
    These monthly posters leverage the tenets of My Pyramid Challenge to convey important nutrition and wellness messages in ways students can relate to.

Secondary Nutrition and Wellness Education

To continue nutrition and wellness education and awareness as students move into middle and high school, we employ a variety of communication strategies, targeted specifically toward older students.

Components of our Secondary Nutrition and Wellness Education include:

  • Healthy for Life™ Brochures
    These age-appropriate brochures provide topical, easy-to-read information for middle and high school students on various health issues, such as My Pyramid Challenge, What is a Healthy Diet? and Understanding Serving Sizes.
  • Wellness Poster Series
    With eye-catching graphics, these posters deliver key nutritional messaging for both breakfast and lunch, either in the cafeteria or classroom setting.
  • HEALTH-FINDER Nutrition Signage and Menu Icons
    This middle and high-school menu communication program consists of icons, posters, and other materials that empower students to make good food choices.
  • FUEL Wellness Food Specials
    The FUEL Program provides monthly, on-trend food specials designed to generate excitement about good nutrition and in-school dining by featuring new signature menu items.
  • Monthly Nutrition Education Materials
    Promoting Fruit & Veggie and Wellness lessons of the month similar to the elementary materials, with graphics and messaging that resonates with older children.

Healthy for Life™ Adult Educational Resources

Our goal is to successfully engage not just your students, but the entire district community including teachers, administration, parents, and other community members in an effort to enhance overall nutrition and wellness.

  • Parent Education Brochure
    Provides comprehensive information about Aramark's Healthy for Life program
  • Adult Quarterly Review
    Delivers relevant nutrition news and helpful tips to parents
  • Nutrition News Fact Sheet
    Features fad-free facts, insights, and health information
  • Parents Ask the Dietitian FAQs
    A series of Frequently Asked Questions with consumer-friendly suggestions from Aramark's nutrition and wellness experts
  • Wellness Education Center
    For display in your school's entry areas, principals' offices, or at other high-traffic locations to provide convenient, readily available nutrition and wellness communications.