Aramark K-12 Education's K-12 team is committed to a progressive menu strategy that reinforces the tenets of proper nutrition, addresses the diverse needs of K-12 students, and reflects our shared mission to improve their health and academic achievement.

With extensive culinary and nutrition expertise and experience, we specialize in creative and great-tasting menus that make eating right exciting for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Healthy for Life™ Menus

As part of our Healthy for Life Program, our menus meet or exceed the recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and incorporate Healthier U.S. School Challenge criteria, when needed. We will insure your District menus comply with the most current nutrition standards of the USDA National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs, and with competitive foods rulings.

  • Fresh Locally Grown℠ Program: To support local farmers and promote nutrition.
  • Use of Fair Trade products to encourage socially responsible labor practices and environmental sustainability for local communities and the world.
  • Catering and volunteerism for community and school events.

Nutritious, high quality meals will appeal to your students' tastes, promote healthy choices by connecting food with positive nutrition and health messaging, and increase participation in your Food Service Program. Our commodity utilization strategy will maximize the effectiveness of your district's allocations.

We are always committed to customized programs to ensure food and employee safety and even to accommodate special dietary needs. Our food service operations training include food safety, food protection, nutrition standards, and HACCP.

Our Nutrition-Based Wellness Commitment

Aramark K-12 Education leads the industry with a strong commitment to encouraging the selection of nutritious food and healthy habits by K-12 students. Doing so minimizes the likelihood of obesity and promotes the short and long-term health of student.

Our Top Ten Nutrition Commitments

  1. Serve high-quality, nourishing meals.

  2. Promote breakfast and expand its availability.

  3. Offer healthy, nutrient-dense snacks.

  4. Eliminate added trans fats.

  5. Reduce use of processed foods, added fats, sugar, and salt.

  6. Source high-quality, local produce and other products.

  7. Enable healthy lifestyles through nutrition education.

  8. Create sustainable, energy-efficient, healthy school buildings and environments.

  9. Advance employee growth as well as their, knowledge, and sensitivity to wellness.

  10. Provide thought leadership and legislative advocacy on behalf of our nation's students.

Menu Development

Our menus are developed by registered dietitians and a team of culinary experts, with extensive experience in the K-12 market for over 50 years. We take great pride in offering well-balanced and appealing food choices that will help your District's students stay fueled and focused during a productive day. We are confident that the menu changes we propose encourage students to participate in school meal programs while teaching good nutrition and balanced eating. Our menu development team consists of:

  • Registered dietitians that are experts in the federal and state child feeding programs and regulations, dietary guidelines, and menu planning systems.
  • A team of chefs to develop test and validate new products and recipes specifically for the K-12 market.
  • Merchandising and marketing staff that help create innovative food selections.
  • Product and procurement specialists that provide training and support in specifications, processes and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) commodity processing and use.
  • Operation specialists that support consistent execution of operational standards in our partner districts.