With greater student participation in your Food Service Program, your District will experience a number of positive outcomes.

More students receive the proper nutrition needed to perform better academically and to be in better health. Additional federal reimbursements are secured under the National School Lunch Program. And an improved program results in happier students and constituents.

We partner closely with you to cultivate healthier students and more robust results for all.

Meal Sense™ One of the challenges faced by schools that increase free or reduced priced meal programs is that eligible parents often do not sign-up for the program. Barriers currently preventing sign-up include parents' unawareness of the program, a lack of understanding of the eligibility qualifications, a lack of time, and the stigma associated with receiving free meals.

Meal Sense is an Aramark proprietary program designed to increase the free and reduced price school meal applications in school districts. The program simplifies and professionalizes the promotion of free and reduced priced school meals, using a variety of collateral materials as well as a website.

  • Marketing materials designed to leverage school and community communications include banners, posters, postcards, flyers, e-mailers, and announcements.
  • The Meal Sense website at www.mealsense.org can be customized for your District and provides parents and guardians with simple and fast access to applications and information about the program.
  • Best practices and processes help engage community organizations and members to promote the applications.

Dining Brands To encourage your students to participate in the school food service program, we create holistic dining environments -- fun, retail-inspired spaces complete with age-specific graphics and attractive merchandising and product packaging. Our dining concepts are based on extensive research with students, and parents and teachers at every grade level to gain valuable insights into what will encourage purchases. We then incorporate what we learn about students' favorite foods, trends, and lifestyles to shape the look and feel of our cafes. As a result, your revenues, Title 1 funds and other financial performance measures can grow right along with student meal participation.

Age Segmented Dining Brands We offer three age-segmented dining brands, designed specifically for elementary, middle, and high school students. These brands are based on extensive research that seeks to engage students of a particular age using graphics and other merchandising tools to promote healthier eating.

  • Cool*Caf©: An engaging atmosphere for grades K-5 that reflects the imagination and creativity of kids, and makes healthy eating fun and interactive.
  • 12 Spot©: The lunchtime spot for grades 6-8 offering a high-energy environment that reflects the lifestyle of our "tween" customers by highlighting friends, sports and activities.
  • U.B.U. Lounge©: A comfortable space for grades 9-12, where teens can fuel up for the demands of busy high school schedules, while socializing with friends.

Food Court Solutions
Today's high school students are savvy customers, who expect a more sophisticated, retail-like dining environment with flavorful menu options and speedy service. Our food court station brands bring to life our commitment to student wellness with fresh ingredients and homemade specialty items.

  • Tortilla: A fresh Mexican concept, is all about creating a distinctive ethnic dining experience through authentic taste and fresh ingredients
  • Green Street Deli™: This concept is all about bold flavors and fresh ingredients encased in whole wheat wrap or sub roll, baked fresh daily.
  • Custom Bros. Grill Co.™: Custom Bros. Grill Co. is all about giving students the freedom to express themselves by creating their own masterpiece using a combination of proteins, cheeses, cold and hot toppings, and condiments and spreads.
  • Corner Crust Pizza™: This Italian pizza station brings student's favorite corner pizza shop to school -- only healthier. We offer classic items with innovative flavors, made fresh daily in our own kitchen.

At these food court stations, students will enjoy items such as:

  • Seasoned, whole-muscle chicken baked on-site daily
  • Sub rolls baked on-site daily
  • Homemade salsa with no added salt
  • Signature spreads
  • Whole wheat featured in many recipes

Food Specials Our retail-oriented food specials and promotions are designed to introduce nutritious new menu items, celebrate seasonal events, and create excitement about buying school lunches. These age-segmented programs not only increase meal participation, but also build student loyalty and encourage good food choices as part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • FUEL Specials for Grades 6-12: A middle and high school program designed to combat menu fatigue and create excitement with new and trendy menu specials. The supporting graphics, point-of-sale materials, and program website (www.fuel4me.com) resonate with tween and teen customers.
  • Special Event Promotions: This program complements the food specials with celebrations of holidays and national events. This allows the Food Service Director to have something new and exciting each week and Special Event Promotions can be tailored to the needs of individual schools. Examples include: American Heart Month, America Recycles Day, St. Patrick's Day, Super bowl Week and school-specific events, like homecoming or spring dances.

Expanded Meal Opportunities Aramark understands that many students go all day -- from morning until night -- which is why we have created healthy light meal and snack options for both before and after school and in the summer months. These expanded opportunities give other customers in your District additional snacking options as well:

  • AMP Up With Breakfast™: Includes more than 450 hot and cold items and cafeteria, classroom and grab-n-go mobile cart service options. Winner of Food Management Magazine's Best Concept Awards.
  • Snacks2Go™: Provides a wide array of branded savory, sweet, specialty, and fresh fruit healthy snack items.
  • Java City: A stand-alone retail location serving decaffeinated coffee, tea and blended beverages as well as grab-n-go items.
  • Fresh Market Smoothies™: A fun beverage option for middle and high school students.