Aramark is committed to protecting our employees, our clients, our customers, and the environment. Stated simply, our vision is to provide and sustain a workplace in which our clients, our students and our employees are able to flourish.

By putting "Our People First" and using safety as a path to meaningful employee engagement at all levels, we seek to build a workplace where our people can deliver world-class experiences, environments, and outcomes.

Our Safety & Risk Control (S&RC) team uses a multi-pronged approach to eliminate accidents and better manage risk, as detailed in the program descriptions below.

Safe S.T.E.P.

Safe S.T.E.P. (Slip, Trip, Elimination Process) is designed to prevent slips, trips and falls which lead to frequent and sometimes severe injuries.


The ErgoTEC (Targeted Exposure Control) Process is designed to reduce exposure to the ergonomic risks that lead to muscular-skeletal injuries.

5S Implementation

To augment Safe STEP, we developed a 5S process (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain), which is designed to address workplace clutter and improve physical organization.


S&RC experts developed a comprehensive environmental strategy to increase environmental awareness and provide training, compliance tools and guidance to our location managers and employees:

Decision Metrics and Monitoring System (DMM)

We utilize powerful analytic systems to assist our managers in monitoring complex safety, health, and environmental processes. Our capabilities include pragmatic dashboards and scorecards to monitor execution and overall results of the various risk control metrics on a daily basis.


An important part of any of the risk control processes is training. We employ adult learning methodologies which include in-person, e-learning and high impact DVD/video training programs.